• Roast pig

    Roast pig

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    Choose 2 kinds of salads and 2 kinds of potatoes if more salads and potatoes are chosen there is a supplement.

    Der medfølger altid hjemmebagt brød

    Ønskes der helstegt gris mellem 20 til 40 personer, laves der kun et midterstykke af grisen



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Our roast suckling pig is one of our most popular menu items - and there's a reason for that! We prepare the pig very differently to what others do, and our spice mix is very secret.

The fact that we prepare the pig differently means that the flavours are preserved in the meat, even after the pig has been roasted. So when your guests sink their teeth into the meat, it tastes far better than you've probably experienced from anyone else. The meat is perfectly tender and the rinds are crispy and delicious.

You can always call us for more information, but the recipe for a perfect roast suckling pig, you do not get 😉