Klim Strandvej 68, 9690 Fjerritslev

13.6 km

Klim Kalkovn is a museum and nature room worthy of preservation, which, based on the special cultural and natural history value of the site, conveys and exhibits knowledge about lime, as well as nature and the area around Klim Bjerg and Klim Klitplantage.

The building reflects the surrounding landscape and was protected in 1997 by the Danish Agency for Cultural Heritage. Klim Kalkovn is today run as an independent institution.

Klim Kalkovn is a story that started 65 million years ago, when Klim Bjerg, which is a lime nodule, was formed.

The mountain has had a great influence on the development of the region over the centuries. The old lime kiln, built in 1943 and in use until 1977, now houses an interesting exhibition. The exhibition tells how the quarry and the kiln were worked for decades.
It also tells how the calcareous subsoil provides unique living conditions for the area's animals and plants. A visit to the lime kiln gives an insight into the arduous work at the lime kiln and the close interaction between people and the richness of the landscape.

The old lime kiln shows how the geology of the area has had a practical use. The geology and the Stone Age sea of the area are explained throughout the exhibition. Klim Kalkovn is now preserved as one of the two last lime kilns in Denmark and presents a unique piece of cultural history. In addition to telling the story of lime production in the old days, the lime kiln is now often the setting for various art exhibitions.

So now every year there is a big Easter exhibition, as well as smaller, intimate concerts.