Food out of the house

Catering for parties and events in Thy, Thisted and Mors

Do you need catering for your party, or do you need catering for an event in Thy, Thisted, Morsø or the surrounding area? Then order the food from us and have it delivered straight to your door at the agreed time and price. Call today, put together your own menu and give your guests the best dining experience.

Do you live in Thy, Thisted, Morsø or the surrounding areas? And are you having a birthday, christening, confirmation, wedding, graduation or perhaps a New Year's Eve party for family and friends?

Then it is obvious to order the menu as food from Thy Event and Nature Center. Here you can get everything from sandwiches or cold cuts for a cosy lunch to a delicious Christmas or New Year menu and the food for all the big parties you invite people to.

Catering delivered right to your door throughout Thy, Thisted and Morsø

With the cooking in the capable hands of our talented chefs and sandwich maids. you'll have more time and more enjoyment for your guests. Because when you don't have to stand in the kitchen for anything other than receiving and carrying in the food, you get to experience much more of the event for which the food is intended. As well as talking much more with your guests.

Because all you have to do when you order food from us is open the door when we knock. Then just put the food on the table, say hello to your guests, sit down and enjoy yourself with them.

We are on time every time. Because we know how important food is to any party. Both the big formal ones in rented rooms, and the small cosy gathering at home.

Then it's just the washing up afterwards - and that can probably stay until the guests have gone.


Compose and order your very own menu

In that sense, there's not an event or party we can't cater for. With over 10 years' experience, we've tried most things. That's why we can both make the food taste good and advise you on which food to choose.

Among the most popular menus is our own unique all-broiled pig, prepared in a very special way. As well as our Build Your Own buffet, which you can put together exactly as you like.

In addition, you can choose from:

So order online right away, or call 29 42 01 02, and get a chat about the exact menu you need for your party or event in Thy, Thisted, Mors or the surrounding area.

Guests will remember your event. Most of the time, it's the food that makes us remember the parties and other occasions we gather for.

You're welcome.