We have many options for putting together your party menu.

Prices from DKK 380 per envelope.
excluding drinks.

We will be happy to put together a menu for you based on your special wishes. 

The menu can also be made with drinks all-inclusive.

Fill in the form below or call us on tel. 29 42 01 02 and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We can also deliver the food directly to your door, read more. In addition, we can also offer party rooms with overnight accommodation, so all guests can enjoy the evening. Rent a cosy and cheap room in Thy from under 400 DKK.

Menu examples:


  • Cod dish on a platter w/ shrimps, asparagus
  • Chicken salad on pineapple ring w/ bacon and flutes
  • Chicken in asparagus w/ tartlets 2 pcs.
  • Tuna mousse w/ dressing and flutes

Main courses:

  • Camembert w/ red cabbage, browned and white potatoes and sour
  • Hamburger rump w/potatoes, vegetables & white sauce
  • Veal roasted like game w/ Waldorf salad, white & browned potatoes
  • Gl. daws roast beef w/ potatoes, carrots, pearl onions and gravy 
  • Danish steak w/ potatoes, soft onions & beetroot


  • Fruit tart w/ creme fraiche
  • Lemon curd w/ cream topping
  • Orange Fromage w/ Cream Toppings
  • Coffee and tea with chocolate


  • Egg platter w/ rye bread for dinner
  • 2 half buns w/spread
  • Clear soup w/ buns
  • Asparagus soup w/ meatballs and flutes
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