Thorup Strandvej 329, 9690 Fjerritslev

14,4 KM

Thorupstrand is a living cultural environment and Northern Europe's largest coastal landing site. Until the 19th century, it was a very important centre for the ship trade between Denmark and Norway. To this day, you can still watch the fishing boats being pulled up on the beach after the day's catch. Thorupstrand, with its 19 active fishing boats, is Northern Europe's largest active coastal landing site.

The centre of the shuttle trade

The coast at Thorupstrand forms a bay between the two limestone nodules, Bulbjerg and Svinkløv, which acts as a natural harbour.

Until the 1800s, Thorupstrand was therefore an important centre for the shuttle trade between Denmark and Norway. The town privileges in Denmark meant that the towns had a monopoly on almost all trade, but because the coastal towns lacked timber and Norway lacked grain and agricultural products, the coastal towns were given the right to land barges or fishing boats on the stretch between Klitmøller and Løkken.

Around 1800 there were seven families living in Thorupstrand, and the number increased throughout the century. It was mainly fishermen who moved in, and after the boat trade stopped in the late 1800s, fishing therefore became the dominant occupation. Initially, fishing was carried out from smaller, open boats, which were replaced during the 1900s by the larger, clinker-built sea boats.

Sustainable coastal fishing

Today, Thorupstrand is Northern Europe's largest coastal landing site, where fishing boats continue to be pulled up on the beach, and 19 boats with around 30 fishermen are attached to the site. Fishing is carried out according to sustainable principles - i.e. nature-friendly fishing with gillnets and purse seines, but no trawls. Therefore, fish from Thorupstrand are caught without destroying the richness of the sea.

Visitors have the opportunity to follow the activities at close hand and have a chat with the local fishermen. You can also buy the local fish to take home from the shop on the beach. At Thorupstrand Fiskehus you can buy fresh fish, smoked products and seafood from Thorupstrand or enjoy one of the local fish dishes on the menu.

The guys on the cutters

Maybe you'll be lucky enough to meet the "Guys on the Cutter". The local heroes from Thorupstrand, who fight a brave battle to preserve the coastal fishery in Thorupstrand. They are known from the TV series of the same name.

Thorupstrand fish in Copenhagen

Thorupstrand Coastal Fishermen's Guild, which wants to ensure that Danes have sustainably caught fresh fish, also sells its products from the cutter HM800, which is moored off Havnegade 51 in Copenhagen, and has also signed a cooperation agreement with Coop, so that consumers can find the fresh fish in supermarkets all over Denmark.