There is an extensive network of cycle paths and small roads leading through the varied landscape of Thys. From your bike you can discover quiet forests, open moors and cosy villages.

Thy and the vast, unspoilt area of the National Park are perfect for cycling. Whether it's a cycling holiday or a shorter trip of half a day or a whole day, the bicycle saddle is an excellent place to experience the landscape and get close to nature.

Remember that cycling is allowed on all paths and forest roads in the National Park, but not on the forest floor or dunes.

Cycling on the routes is at your own risk and you must be aware of both walkers and the unforeseen obstacles that the wild landscape can offer.

Good places to cycle: Flade Lake, Ørum Lake and Vandet Lake areas

The small gravel roads of the dune plantations are ideal for a romantic ride around one of the lakes, where you can cycle in the open countryside or in the cool, damp shade of the conifers. Out on the paved roads, the whole family can keep both balance and gather the troops. Along the way, you can stop in the dune heaths, where from July to September, heather grows berries galore - ready to pick and eat.

There are many good forest roads in the dune plantations by the lakes where you are welcome to cycle. Bring a packed lunch - and binoculars. Then the day's energy, and entertainment, is assured.


The West Coast Cycle Route (N1). 

The West Coast Cycle Route, which is identical to National Cycle Route No. 1, runs close to the windswept Western Sea. It starts at Agger Færgehavn, and continues more than 80 kilometres north past Bulbjerg.

See map of route.

Hanstholm-Copenhagen route (N2) 

The route starts in Hanstholm, and ends at the Vildsund Bridge. The tour goes through Nors, Vester Vandet, Sjørring, Sperring, Sundby, Vildsund Vest.

See map of route.

Limfjord route (N12) 

Limfjordsruten (N12) (overlap with regional route 24 Holstebro-Thisted)

Limfjorden is one of the most beautiful areas in the country, and a bike ride on National Route 12 is perhaps the most beautiful way to experience it. Remember to bring your swimsuit and binoculars, as you'll need both in abundance. The route runs from Vejlerne to Agger Tange.

See map of route.

Nordthy routes (17)

The regional cycle route 17, the Nordthy route, runs through the municipality. The cycle route runs from Klitmøller via Thisted, Sennels and Østerild, Vesløs and east of Frøstrup to Bulbjerg. The route was planned and signposted by Viborg County. After the opening, the then Hanstholm and Thisted Municipalities took over the maintenance. The route runs on forest roads, on less frequented roads, and on the stretch from Østerild to Tømmerby in its own trace, on the disused Fjerritslev railway.

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410 Panoramic route "Discover the forces of nature", 43 km.

This bike ride is a challenge. You're up against the forces of nature in the form of high glacial hills, shifting sands and westerly winds. But you'll also cycle downwind through historic villages and green farmland that tell how people, here on the edge of the sea, have defied the forces of nature and made a good living in pleasant towns.

Download the leaflet "Discover the power of nature"(410).

See map of route.

411 Panorama route "Animal Paradise", 44 km

Ready for contrasts? Then you've chosen the right cycling route. It takes you over glacial hills and down to lake plains, through quiet plantations and out to the roaring sea. For those who take their time, there are many traces of animals from today and the Ice Age to see on the ride.

Download the leaflet "Animal Paradise"(411).

See map of route.

The Water Lake Route

The Vandet Sø route is a beautiful 21 km cycle route around the beautiful Vandet Sø lake.

Asphalt: 37%. Gravel road: 63%. The route starts from Klitmøller, and leads around the beautiful Vandet Lake, through Vilsbøl, Vandet and Nystrup Plantations. The ride through the woods offers great variety in the landscape, and many steep climbs and descents. You can feel it in your legs. But it is a good idea to take breaks to enjoy the view, for example at Kronens Hede, with Vandet Sø in the background, or take a dip at the bathing area in Nors Sø, where there are also fire and barbecue sites.

See map of route.

The reserve route

The reserve route is a 38 km long walk, in beautiful surroundings.

Asphalt: 68%. Gravel road: 32%. The reserve route starts in Klitmøller, Hanstholm or Nors. The route takes you all the way around the Hanstholm Game Reserve - a large dune area that you will be introduced to on the new paved cycle path along the coastal road. The route also takes you past Nors Lake, quiet forest idyll, unique views and good swimming and resting opportunities. A good tip is to pay attention to the wind direction. It often blows from the southwest, so it's best to cycle the route in a clockwise direction.

See map of route.

Vangså Route

The Vangså Route is a beautiful 26 km cycling route, with Vangså Klithede as its focal point.

Asphalt: 47%. Stone meal: 13%. Gravel road: 40%. The route starts from Klitmøller and follows the new west coast route south through the fishing village of Vangså and on to Tvorup Plantage. Enjoy the view of the Vangså Dune, where in late summer you can refresh yourself with the bog bilberry and the reefling, which the dune is rich in. There are more exciting detours on the route. Enjoy the view of the sea at Bøgsted Rende, for example, or the new observation tower on the northern edge of Aalvand Klithede. From the tower there are good opportunities to see red deer and cranes. On the way back, you pass Tvorup Kirkeruin, a beautiful testimony to the devastating sand drift of the past.

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Faddersbøl Route 

The Faddersbøl Route is a beautiful walk of 24 km through the Tvorup and Stenbjerg Plantation.

Asphalt: 46%. Stone meal: 12%. Gravel road: 42%. The route departs from Nr. Vorupør. It is a beautiful walk through Tvorup and Stenbjerg plantation, along small idyllic forest roads. In Stenbjerg Plantage you pass large treeless plains and charred tree remains, which testify to a large forest fire in 2004. Take a break at Faddersbøl Mølle to eat your packed lunch. If you have time, take a detour to the bird tower at Aalvand Klithede. There are good opportunities to see red deer and cranes.

See map of route.


The routes follow small winding forest roads and green tracks. Cycling on the routes is at your own risk and you must be aware of both walkers and the unforeseen obstacles that nature can offer.

The route in Slettestrand is one of the most popular routes in North Jutland, and has been voted Denmark's best MTB route by

Inaugurated in March 2009, the 19km route has been planned and built to create a route that offers a unique natural experience on nature's terms, as well as a really good, challenging and sometimes demanding riding experience. The altitude is about 400 metres and the route is one-way.

Download the leaflet "Mountain biking in Svinkløv Dune Plantation"

See map of route.

Together with local mountain bikers, the Nature Agency has built two mountain bike trails in Tvorup Klitplantage. The bikers have carried maps around the forest and have then marked the best routes.

The routes are marked with red poles and pictograms and arrows. One requires no experience or special equipment, while the other is more demanding and offers tough challenges around the terrain. If you want a tour with varying degrees of difficulty, you can ride the routes in conjunction.

White route in Tvorup Klitplantage is 6 km long and can be used by everyone

Green route in Tvorup Dune Plantation is 10 km long and for the more experienced users

Download the leaflet "Mountain biking in Tvorup Dune Plantation"

See map of route.

The continuous easy mountain bike route in Vilsbøl Plantage is 7 km long. In addition, there are 1.9 km of medium and 1.0 km of difficult MTB tracks in the form of loops on the route. The course is varied and goes through both deciduous and coniferous forest. On the northernmost part of the route you can enjoy the fantastic view over Tuekær and Nors Lake. The route is marked with colour-coded arrows indicating direction and difficulty according to the Danish Cycling Union standard.

See map of route.

Download the leaflet "Mountain biking in Vilsbøl Dune Plantation"

The MTB route in Vandet Plantage is 9.93 km long and relatively technically demanding. The route starts from the parking lot on Hjardalvej at the eastern end of Vandet Plantage. From here it is 5 km to Thisted.

The route is 9.93 km long and is described as technically demanding. It has been constructed without the use of chainsaws and largely without using existing roads and paths. This means that it runs on the forest floor and winds in and out of the trees. Although Vandet Plantage is relatively flat from the outside, there are plenty of short ups and downs on the countless small craggy vegetated dune hills.

The route is laid out

See map of route.