In Thy there is a wealth of marked hiking trails through our beautiful nature. Below you can find some inspiration about some of the trails.

Some of these trails go through Thy National Park, but there are also interesting and worthwhile trails in the rest of Thy.

All hiking trails, except Skyum Mountains, are listed in brochures from the Danish Forest and Nature Agency, which can be found in our Infocenter, or picked up at Thy Turistbureau. You can also find brochure links below.

Bøgsted Rende - blue route 2.3 km.

The route can be started from the car park at Bøgsted Rende. The route starts in hilly terrain with sea views, and follows the stream back. The route can be combined with a visit to Båken or with the red route.

This route goes through some of the most beautiful scenery in Thy. We have therefore chosen to put it at the top of this list!

Available in the leaflet "Tvorup Dune Plantation".

Hanstholm Game Reserve - yellow route 3 km.

The hike is about 3 km, and winds steeply up the old coastal slope just west of the faded forest grove. The route goes to Isbjerg, the highest point in the Hanstholm Game Reserve, 56 m above sea level. From the top there is a magnificent view of the reserve, which is framed by the North Sea, Hanstholm to the north, Tved Klitplantage to the east and Nors Sø and Vilsbøl Plantage to the south - the reserve is the northernmost part of Thy National Park.

The yellow route follows an old hollow road that was the only way out to the reserve's last house, which was demolished in 1939. From Isbjerg, the trail continues through the plantation, around the idyllic Bagsø lake, and back to the starting point.

This hiking trail gets the second place on our top list because we think it is such a unique and amazing hike that everyone should experience during a visit to Thy.

Available in the leaflet "Hanstholm Game Reserve".

Stenbjerg Plantage - blue route 2.3 km.

The juniper tour goes through a piece of untouched burnt plantation, and around the juniper lakes. The route gives a good impression of the forces of nature, and the contradictions in nature. It is therefore in the top 3.

Available in the leaflet "Stenbjerg in Thy" (map).

Skyum Mountains - no route approx. 1.5 (2.5) km.

At the parking lot (Bjergvej 1, 7700 Thisted) you can take the small gate in the corner and follow the path down to the fjord. It can be almost impossible to distinguish the path from a path the sheep have made. At the fjord you can walk about 500 m to the right to get to Skyum Stenen. This can only be done at low tide. Go left along the water. Go out the gate at the edge of the enclosure and follow the path uphill. After no. 2 stairs, go through the gate to the highest point where you can enjoy the view. Follow the path back to the car park.

Østerild plantation - yellow route 3.4 km.

Tamhøjturen, as this route is called, starts at the parking lot at Vesløs Huse, on the main road between Thisted and Fjerritslev.

The route goes through a very varied part of the forest, with both deciduous and coniferous forest of very different character. Large and lush stands are found in areas where the soil is nutrient-rich. On the raised seabed and in areas of shifting sands, coniferous stands are more uniform.

The route passes the old coastal slope and the old nursery of the plantation, where you can see stands of maple trees from the turn of the century. The route passes Tamhøj, a Bronze Age burial mound.

Available in the leaflet "Østerild Dune Plantation".

Stenbjerg Plantage - yellow route 5.7 km.

The Embak tour, as this route is called, starts in hilly and varied forest and goes to the wetlands Bislet and Embak Water.

Available in the leaflet "Stenbjerg in Thy" (map).

Bøgsted Rende and Tvorup Klitplantage - red route 5 km.

The route can be started either from the southern parking lot on Kystvejen, or from the parking lot at Bøgsted Rende. The route goes from cliff top to cliff top and offers magnificent views.

This route requires a good level of fitness.

Available in the leaflet "Tvorup Dune Plantation".

Bulbjerg/Vester Thorup Plantage - white route 3 km.

The route starts from the parking lot on Bulbjergvej, 1 km south of Bulbjerg. The route goes through slightly hilly terrain, with several beautiful views. The walk follows small paths through dense, low scrub oak and mountain pine forest and over open dune landscapes. Along the way you pass partly silted Bronze Age mounds.

The walk can be extended by 3 km by continuing west, following the Armoured Trail below Troldsting and De Blå Render.

This route should be combined with a visit to Bulbjerg.

Available in the leaflet "Bulbjerg (map).

Vilsbøl Plantation/Vandet Sø and Nors Sø - red route 7 km.

The route can be started from the parking lot at Klitmøllervej, or from the bonfire site at Nors Sø.

The tour goes through varied terrain, with very different vegetation, and passes the Nebel Stone, where the manor house was located until the 1600s.

Available in the leaflet "The dune plantations at Vandet Sø".

Lodbjerg Dune Plantation and Lighthouse - red route 1 km.

The route departs from the 2nd car park on Fyrvej. The walk leads through hilly terrain covered with Austrian pine and mountain pine to a point from which there is a wide view of the dune to the north.

This route should be combined with visits to Lodbjerg Lighthouse and Lodbjerg Mile.

Available in the leaflet "The dune plantations in South Thy" (map).

Hvidbjerg Dune Plantation - yellow route 4.5 km.

The route departs from the car park on the north side of Lyngbyvej. It follows good forest roads from the lush varied forest in the east, to the slightly more uniform coniferous plantation, to the west. The route passes the old nursery, where there is now an overnight stop, and goes through Per Madsens Kær.

Available in the leaflet "Klitplantagerne i Sydthy" (map).


Source: VisitThy.dk