Ellisbølvej, 9690 Fjerritslev

7.1 km

Troldsting is a breathtaking viewpoint over the coastal, rugged dune landscape. The terrain seems almost unworldly with the vast expanses of nature.

From Troldsting, 48 metres above sea level, and the nearby Tinghøj you can see to the Vejlerne - one of Northern Europe's most important wetlands. To the west is Lild Plantage, where in the eastern part there is free camping for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts.

The trolls of old threw huge stones.

Troldsting takes its name from the folklore of the past. In ancient times, trolls would have kept things here. A "ting" in medieval times was an assembly in a place where the inhabitants of an area held meetings to discuss and make decisions.
According to legend, two of the trolls got into a disagreement and started fighting. They threw large stones at each other, which can be seen in the area today.
The natural explanation for the large stones in the landscape is attributed to the Ice Age, when glaciers brought the stones here about 18,000 years ago.

In the area of Troldsting there are remains of burial mounds from the Bronze Age. You can also see individual stone settlements and building stones. There is also a shelter in the area (just north of where Tinghøjvej and Bulbjergvej meet), where it is possible to eat your food, spend the night and light up the wood stove.

Restricted area

Troldsting is part of a protected dune area in the hinterland of Bulbjerg (about 1½ km south of Bulbjerg) on the north coast of Hannæs between Thy and Hanherred.
Dune area is located between Lild Klitplantage and Vester Torup Klitplantage. The area was protected in 1955, which still has kept the area free from construction, summer houses and windmills.

Troldting can only be reached on foot and can be reached from the car park at Bulbjergvej or by following the pan-track between Ellidsbølvej and Tinghøjvej.